Memoriam List

Below is the listing of our classmates who live in memoriam.  It has been suggested by some of our classmates that because we rely on information received from different sources, we can’t be sure of the date of death for most.   The names have been listed alphabetically and not chronologically by date of death.

Pat Adams (Kehoe)
Betty Andrews
Billy Andrews (Little)
Billy Andrews (Big)
Glenn Billingsley
Paulette Blanchard
Susan Bloodworth
Alan Boles
Jane Boone
BJ Bond
Licia Bowden
Nathan Braswell
Lynn Breazeale
Bobby Brown
Cheryl Brown
Ellen Brown (Conerly)
Johnny Brown
Julius Buford
Tommy Burton
Vernon Burt
Danny Campbell
Albert H. Caraway
DiAnne Carrouth (Cobb)
Jerry Francis Carter
Eugenia Christie
Bill Clark
Sammy Conklin
Rodney Corley
Donna Counts (Scott)
Bill “Billy” Cox
Ronnie Craven
Patrick Deeb
Barbara Dekle (Kent)
Philip Dickey
Craig Dickinson
Duane Dodson
Jimmy Dollar
Robert Emerson
Ronnie Faircloth
Jan Feinberg
Andy Ference

George Fletcher
Michael “Mike” Fletcher
Gary Fritz
Mary Kathryn Folker (Freeman)
Gail Forehand
William E. “Bill” Gilliam, Jr.
Owen Gramling
Lane Green
Terry Green
Gary Hancock
Hugh Harrell
Haynes Herold
Buzzy Hunter
Mike Iaukea
Kelly Jackson
Connie Jones
Glenda Jones (Francis)
James Keel
Linda King
James Kiper
Kris Krausche (Zipin)
Raleigh Leonard
Jim Lingo
Gail Lippincott
Guy Love
Pat Love (Smith)
Bryce Mann (Mitchell)
Sally McCants
Ellen McCulloch (Styles)
George McKenzie
Karen Marcus (Lloyd)
Albert Messer
Howell Messer
Richard Messer
Robert Middleton
Duke Miles
Marie Mills (Parramore)
Patsy Moss
Janice Ogletree (Baggett)
Mary Frances Ott (Dwyer)
Eugene Padgett
Jerry Patterson

Vivian Peacock
Joe Pepper
Ronnie Perkins
Eddie Poole
Gary Roberts
Gregory W. Rowan
Jimmy Sauls
Joe Schenck
Bettie Jo Schurman (Akins)
Whit Seabrook
Kent Sims
Rex Smith
Johnny Snyder
Bill Solburg
Christine Speight
Henry Stevenson
Mike Stone
Weston Taylor
Alan Tedder
David Toney
Paul Townsend
Franklin Vaught
Roy (Joseph L.) Vinzant
Cheryl Walters (Barfield)
Arch Watkins
Robert West, Jr.
Fred White
Frances Whitfield (Motes)(Graham)
Roy Williams
Sharon Williams
Toney Williams
Jon Winchester
Jimmy Wood
Larry Wood
Andrew “Andy” Michael Woods
Carolyn Wrenn (Harvey)
Patty Yancey