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Lost Class Members

Below is a list of our "lost" class mates, some we never have been able to locate and some we have had mail returned to us. PLEASE NOTIFY US if you have updated information for any of these class mates:  

Augusta Adams (Bird)
Patty Adams (Close)
Linda Agganis (LeNeave)
Randy Allison
H. Ray Alsup
Becky Ashmore (Robinson)
George Patrick Atkinson
Jack Barineau
Shirley Bass
Tommy Benton
Elizabeth Bergeron (Armstrong)
Ed Berry
William Black
Jean Bonner (Young)
Nancy Sue Bottorff
Richard Brodbeck
Homer Randolph Brown
J. Robert (Bobby) Brown
Thomas Mason Brown
Merry Gene Butman
Sandra Campbell
Elizabeth Cantrell (Cornelius)
Rochelle Cherry (Proctor)
Esther Clark (Staples)
Steve Clark
Sandra Cobb (King)
Sallie Cone
Nancy Cook (Lindsay)
Chris Cox
Barbara Crane
Ronald Craven
Linda Creel (Love)
Nick Cross
Dana Curtis, Jr. 
John Dailey
Christine Davis
Barbara Daughtry (Abraham)
Christine Deal
Jacque Elizabeth Deal 
Dian Decherniss
Belva Delaney (Gurr)
Tony DeMaria
Barbara Denise
Jimmy Dupree
Charles Lee Finch
Thomas Flowers

Vickie Foder
Sandra Jean Forbes
Judy Forehand (Shiply)
Ken Frank
Vicki Fulke
Clyde Fuller
Linda Futch
William E. Gilliam, Jr.
Clara Goodson
Peggy Greenhut (Chase)
Marie Greenlaw (Robinson)
John Griffin
Daniel William Gwaltney, Jr.
Jimmy Hoagland
Marlene Horn (Jaycox)
Arlie (Max) Howell
Joyce Hughes
Bobby Hutcheson
James H. Jacobsen
Lou Ann Johnson
Glenda Jones (Ganey)
Frieda Karam (Williford)
Cecelia Kearton (Kirby)
Linda Keen (O’Brien)
Lee Kelly
Robert Kennedy III
James Land
Susan Liedy
Marie Love
Pat Lowrie (Hurst)
Connie Magnell (Ridner)
Bryce Jeanne Mahoney
Edward Mallory
Karen Markus (Lloyd)
Lana Jo May
Kenneth McCloy
Kenneth McCoy
Loraine McIlwain
Mary Ann McIntyre
Allen McKellips
Freeda McKenzie (Welch)
Mike Mellos
Billy Mills
Jean Miller
Pat Mobley (Griffin)
Sharon Nicholson (Tyre)
Michael Noble
Jean Palmer

June Parker
Connie Parsons (D'Alessandro)
Rosalie Pasco (Drielich)
Betty Jean Pendleton
Maxine Phillips
Frank Presnell
Donna Price (McGill)
Elaine Pouncey (Cooper)
Judy Powell (Lee)
Woody Powell
Cynthia Ramsey
Sheryl Raphun
Janet Rath (Darden)
Claudia Reagan
Jane Reeves (Eyer)
Ann Revell (Perez)
Mike Ripingill
Mary Lou Rippee (Weber)
Rosalind Riser
Leslie Rivers
Piers Rogers
Brad Rovetta
Terry Sherman
Don Shields
Eleanor Shiver
Montine Slappey
Joyce Smith
Sara Helen Smith
Charles Speh
Lillian Spivey
Jerry Stoutamire
Vera Stoutamire (Garver)
Jack W. Swilley
Hugh Taylor
Richard Tharp
Jeff Thomas
Gelette Tidwell
James VanGasbeck
Bonnie Vonck (Wharton)
Gail Wagner (McEnroe)
Christi Maude Ward
Billy White
Charlotte White
Ron Wiley
Joe Wilkerson
Billy Wilkins
Carmen Elaine Williams
Jayne Yon (Harmon)