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If you have any photos from "back in the day" and would like to share them with us, send them as a JPG file and we will publish them. To view the photo's below, click on one and then use the arrows to change back and forth between them..


Class Album

  • Kate Sullivan Grade 4
  • Kate Sullivan Grade 5 Desk-Photo
  • Kate Sullivan Grade 6 Desk Photo
  • Kate Sullivan Grade 2 -- 1953-1954
  • Kate Sullivan Grade 4 -- 1955-1956
  • Kate Sullivan Grade 5 -- 1956-57
  • 1955-56 Sealey 4thGrade -- Kelley
  • 1956-57 Sealey 5th Grade -- Mayhew
  • Kate Sullivan Grade 3 -- 1954-1955
  • 1957-58 Sealey 6th Grade -- Neves
  • .   A great deal of this class attended Leon High in 1964
  • Class of 1964 - 50Year Reunion
  • Photo is Bobby Carnley and his lemonade stand at the 1964 Leon High School 50th Reunion.
  • 1964 LHS Class President, Lane Green, standing in front of the Leon High School Field House named for football coaches Gene Cox & Jimmy Sauls. Jimmy is a classmates of 1964.
  • The photo is taken at the Braves reception honoring Tom Glavine who is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  In the photo with Tom Glavine is Palmer Williams wife, Leslie, daughter Fran and grandson Cameron
  • 1964 @ Daytona Beach July 4 stock car race. Ken Snover, Chris Dennard, Bobby Sarvis, Edward Cloud & Jerry Stoutamire.