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Make sure you register on our new site, this will allow us to keep our records up-to-date and keep you informed of upcoming events.

It appears that E-MAIL ADDRESSES HAVE BEEN UPDATED and below is a list of class members whose e-mail bounced back to us.  PLEASE NOTIFY US if anyone has knowledge of an updated e-mail address for those listed.

Lillian Blackstock (Bogan)
Diannah Bruch
Eloise Connell (Gramling)
Glenda Jones (Ganey)
Paula Kelley (Sanders)
Kris Krausche (Zipin)


Ellen Scisson (Paul)
Bill Tanner
Judith Tritschler (Deen)
Bob Wagner
Ann Weichelt





The next meeting for the LHS Class of 1964 is TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 2015 at 6:00 pm, Backwoods Bistro on East Tennessee Street.  Come one and come all to catch up with your class mates.  You are missing out if you don't come and enjoy fun, laughter  and friendship!!


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PLEASE LOOK ON THIS WEBSITE UNDER "CLASS DOCS/EVENTS" to see if we have your mailing address and e-mail address.  We are trying to keep you informed but we are missing information on some of you.


We would really enjoy having a photo of our classmates to share. If you have photos from "back in the day" and would like to share them, we would love to have them to post in our class album on the website. When sending please make sure it's a JPG file so we are able to post it on the website. Please send all files to Diane Hudson Bell



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